On my Knees in Worship

Utter Humility


A watercolor by Sabrina Johnson

I am exhausted from worry…. why do I always seem to forget the God I serve? Afterall, worry dies when worship thrives! At the end of the day there is nothing better than worshiping the LORD! After a rough day like today I realize how important it is to keep our eyes focused on GOD and who He is! God is not always who we (man) think He is…. He is oh SO much more!

“Worshiping You, Oh LORD!”

I close my eyes and meditate.

As I lift up my hands they stretch toward the heavens in complete surrender;

Surrendering all, thy heart, thy soul, thy mind and thy body;

Worries fade and anxiety sleeps in a such a position;

I fall to my knees, head bowed in submission;

Submitting to thy path, thy will, thy thoughts and thy ways;

Humility thrives and my sinful heart dies in such a position;

I could stay here forever in Your Holy presence, surrounded and embraced by all that you are;

Worshiping you, Oh LORD;

Delighting in you, my God;

Serving you, my King;

Loving you, my Father;

Breathing you in, Life Giver;

In Awe of you,  my precious Savior;

Thanking you, my Redeemer;

Exhaulting your name, dear Jesus;

Captivated by you, my Prince;

Ebracing you, my Friend;

Sustained by you, my Creator;

Worshiping you, Oh LORD!


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