i rest with a nightlight

“your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

psalm 119:105

sometimes i gaze too hard at the wide open future that i lose focus of my one, true, bright and burning passion (Luke 11:34). the passion we were all created for. the very passion that forgives, delivers, restores and reconciles. the same passion that once burned bright and clear. passion that once lived out gives birth to change in ones heart, soul, mind and being. to know…. to really, truly know…. jesus christ my savior and lord.

why is it that when the road of this life comes to a fork my pride, selfishness, anxiety and doubt eat away at my heart until i find myself lost in the sinful pit i despise? many times i find that all i want to do is change the world for christ and make him proud in big, extravegant ways…. when the best thing i could do to reflect my love and devotion for him and his kingdom is to love him and others. christ doesn’t need me to change the world; that is his job, and i don’t need to “earn” his love for me; he possesses an eternal, never-ending love for his children…. he showed that on the cross at calvery. all he wants from me in the those very moments is simply “me.” all of me, so he can live and shine through me. he is my creator, savior and sustainer…. and yes, my guiding light. it is a comfort to know this and believe that peace will be given from the one who gives us “everything we need for life and godliness” when it is lived out practically through faith.   


By Sabrina Johnson

Thy breath draws near to life’s dwindling flame.

A firelight dream becomes covered in earth.

Gray colored ashes are all that remain.

They dance towards the skies; a sign of rebirth.

The coals may feel cold, and leave dark smudges,

But I see a flicker, a flicker of hope.

Washing off your dark stains; forgiving all your grudges.

The light once faded, supplies thy secure rope.

Gather some sticks, a sharp stone and much brush.

Let us climb that hill, until we get our fill.

Don’t forget about the rain; it will gush.

Come rebuild your fire, and stop the world’s chill.

Go kennel your light, and put up the fight.

Let it warm and guide you. Light in the night.


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