sleeping in a bed of idols

By Sabrina Johnson

The low, rumbling murmur of a generation of lost and famished souls resounds in the empty streets of a world spun into the utter pandemonium it is constrained to conceive.

Life’s purpose, that which was promised and paid for in Scarlet, simmers on the back burner…. grace ever present and still calling….. we choose instead to nibble at the poisoned fruit our own muddied hands have produced.

Partaking of the putrid produce, we’ve come to settle for cheap substitutes of the “abundant life.”

Affected by it’s juices, the orifice of our mouth is sealed, making it impossible to speak.

Eyes wide shut, we are veiled in a threatening shade gray.

Unable to hear the life breathed word of which leads, guides and directs, we remain lost within our own muddled thoughts and anxieties.

The comatose of our senses leaves us inadvertently reeking of a flesh rotting perfume.

Opting to forget the foundational realities of old, the disintegrating crops over which our hearts and hands have labored begin to fold.

Paralyzed senses cause us to motionlessly sink deeper into the reeking decomposition of our own heart’s labor.

Disillusioned and diseased, we cannot fight this battle on our own.

Tarnished and stained by the rotting juices, we are silently dying.

These contrived crops which have become the relics of our worship prove once more to provide no lasting sustenance beyond this age.

The heaviness of our burden is beginning to take it’s toll.

Death’s impending shadow looms overhead.

At a crossroad we are left with two choices….

Humbly die to self , be cleansed and live deeply satisfied and abundantly renewed.

Or, cling to pride and go on living of yourself, in your filth, empty and alone.


Prayerful Choice:

“Take me back to my first love… where I once loved you; so pure, no selfish ambition or conciet. Remind me LORD who you are, have been and promise to be. LORD may my life honestly be a “love song towards you.” May my life be the greatest offering I could ever give. Bless the things in my life that honor and please you most. Burn, holy fire, burn all that does not offer glory, honor and praise to you. Amen.”




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