Twenty-Twelve: A Year In Review


It was more than a great year.  As we’ve been thinking about all that took place in 2012, we can’t help but describe it as a beautiful reflection of God’s faithfulness. The year was just so lovely. While it sometimes felt like we were  just trying to survive as we both adjusted from life as college students, R.A.’s and dating, to engagement, marriage, a new job/ministry, a move, student loans, a new church, and a new community, for the most part, 2012 felt like cloud nine. This is because  God has proven faithful in ways unexpected, unimaginable, completely unforgettable!  All challenges and personal struggles aside, sharing the past year with family, friends, and loved ones has been nothing short of a blessing. However, the most memorable blessings this past year have undeniably been the gift of marriage, and one another! Each morning we have an opportunity to get up, serve, love, and live life with each other …what a beautiful reflection of God’s faithfulness!



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