Changing the Question…


‎”Today, I realized that the question of where to live and what to do is really insignificant compared to the question of how to keep the eyes of my heart focused on the Lord.”

– H. Nouwen

Yesterday was the first day back for the students at Adelphia. The Lord has really been working in both AJ and me over the winter break. As we spent time resting in Him, reflecting over the past term, and considering where He desired for us to grow as individuals, and as a community, He truly met us right where we were at, changing both our hearts and perspectives in the process.  Our first term as Deans of Adelphia was a challenging one. We’ve learned a lot about what it looks like to be in ministry in this brand new context, and as a married couple. While I want to be honest, that there have been plenty of tears, questions, fears, and doubts…there have been far more praises, joys,  growth opportunities, and affirmations that this is the place God wants us to be right now. Overall, this journey to, and at Adelphia has become like a great, big classroom, where both AJ and I have an opportunity  to learn to grow more in love with our Savior, and to trust Him more each day!

As we approach the threshold of this second semester God has been faithful to supply AJ and I with a united vision for change. It is our desire to see change in the life of the students, and overall community, here at Adelphia. In order to do that, we want to be even more intentional about how we are spending our time with the students (while still  protecting our own time together/marriage), we desire  to be more relational, and to really share our lives with the students. Over the first term we’ve also noticed some of the areas our students need to grow. We want to serve them by meeting them where they’re at, supplying them with opportunities to grow more in love with the Savior, and cling to the cross, always returning to the Gospel for the answers they seek. So many of them have come seeking answers to the question of what’s next on their journey. However, we are challenging them to reconsider this question. Many of us; myself included, are tempted to focus on what God might want us to “do” next. While this is a fair, and even helpful, question to ask, we’ve challenged them to consider first, “who” God might want them to be. Over the remainder of the school year it is our hope that by asking this question, they will discover the answer, and begin to develop into men and women of  Christ’s likeness, and character. As always, this can only happen when they spend investing in a relationship with the one they’ve been created to mirror.

It is our prayer, and hope that we be careful to consider our hearts in the process of leading the students of Adelphia. Family, friends, loved ones, would you join us in praying that we would remain faithful, teachable, and humble as we lead? Would you join us in praying for the students hearts as well? We really need your support! Thank you.


Mrs. E

Winter Lake Retreat

SIDE NOTE ONE: Today is mine and Mr. E’s  four month anniversary. It’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the wonderful life we have ahead! Nonetheless, it’s exciting!

SIDE NOTE “DOS”: My new  passport arrived yesterday. Looks like God continues to open the doors for me to return to Honduras for a visit. I am really excited to serve, and encourage the women down in Teguc.


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