Honduras Part 2: We Serve A Faithful God

Wednesday morning Grace (Rex and Christine’s 17 year old daughter) asked me to come help her in her class. It was a lot of fun! I really enjoy being around the kiddos, and Grace does such a good job handling all the pressures that come along with teaching in this context. I think it really encouraged her.
While there I met a man, Pedro, who has been attending the church. He teaches the upper grades, and lives in a little room at the school. The room has no running water, or electricity. He lives on very humble means so Christine prepares lunch for him each day. Pedro also has cerebral palsy, and is confined to a wheelchair. He encouraged me SO much! He is so thankful to be serving the students, and expresses with great joy how thankful he is to be a child of God! Pedro also speaks English quite well, and offered to share his testimony with me.
After school we picked up Rex, and I was able to reconnect with Pastor Eduardo and his recently married son, Edson. Edson and his wife are now leading the youth, and they plan to leave for the U.S. in August to go to Bible college. They gave me a tour of the new church building, and it was encouraging to see how faithfully God has provided for the people of Esperanza Vida (Living Hope).
Terri and Ellen arrived while we were away, so we returned and ate with them, and I took a quick nap.  A NAP! I know, crazy right?!? I really needed it. I think I started to come down with something on the plane, and I bought some Airborne in the Housten airport. Upon arriving in Teguc. I  began drinking lots of tea, and OJ.

Later that evening we went to see Miguel and Jackie’s house. One of the teams I came with years ago had started building on their home, and it was amazing to see all of the improvements they have made. We left them with a foundation, and cement block walls and they managed to add the finishing touches gradually. These Christians never forget the good works our teams come do for them and ALWAYS thank us and give God glory for our help.


After visiting with this sweet couple, we went to a prayer meeting in the home of Miguel’s father (Miguel Sr.). On the way to our prayer meeting we were reminded just how dangerous the area we were going to was. We had to arrive early, and leave as soon as we could because of the violence in the streets come nightfall. Our prayer time was precious and rich. I was truly blessed. The answers to their prayers in the midst of their many trials are the building of their faith and Jesus is praised!


P.S. Christine is the best Honduran driver EVER! Most of the roads are steep and unpaved with large ruts, and traffic was CRAZY! Let’s just say, most Honduran drivers answer to no man, and use their horns to communicate every risky traffic decision they make. It’s an adventure, but Christine handles it courageously!



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