Honduras Part 3: “Visiting the fields, and witnessing the harvest…”


It was not very warm in Teguc. In fact, many of the people were all bundled up in scarves, hats, and coats. It was actually on the chilly side. This is their winter season, and they said they were having a “cold front” while we were there. It’s not fair though, because in all actuality their “cold front” is probably 60-70 degrees. Ha, ha. Perhaps I was chilly because of my cold. Who knows!

That being said, even in the midst of their winter, I feel like we were able to witness a “harvest.” God has certainly been at work in the hearts, and homes of the people in Honduras since I last visited. Thursday proved to be a day of special day of remembering. Remembering times, and memories gone by, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going (Heaven). Thursday also reminded me that God has CHOSEN to use both myself, and others from time, to time in the country of Honduras…but all the while He’s never NEEDED us. He’s just graciously invited us to join Him in the field.

Like I said, Thursday was a very special day. We did quite a bit of visiting; which I absolutely love! And we were able to sleep in until 7:45 a.m. (5:45 a.m. by my internal clock). Our first visit was to the orphanage. I decided to use the cute little cupcake supplies Mom Elzinga had given me, and the cupcake ingredients Mr. E and I had bought for this visit. Terri and Ellen had also been given some pretty colored scarves for all the older girls, tu-tu’s for the littles, and soccer balls for the two boys. They loved them!  We were able to give, and receive lots of hugs, remember special times with the kiddos, and cry lots of tears because God has been so faithful to these children!




We met the four new kiddos living there, and one of them is named, “Kathleen!” She loved that my sister shared the same name. The older girls lead us on a tour, and shared the changes in their home (e.g. the garden, a bakery, fruit trees, a new floor, sturdier beds, etc.). They also gave us some of the pastries they make and sell for income and a way to learn a trade. I want to bring them all home (the kids not the pastries)! They are doing so well, and we have had the opportunity to see many of these children grow, and blossom into beautiful young adults. They are truly blessed to have Issac and Olga (the directors of the orphanage) care for them.

After this visit we took Terri and Ellen to pick up Grace at school, and to tour the building. They were able to meet my new friend, Hermano Pedro too. I think he encouraged them.
After picking Grace up we picked Rex up from the church, and took another tour of the church. Since I had toured most of the building yesterday I chose to visit with Pastor Eduardo and Grace. However, it was really neat to think back with Terri about what the property looked like when we came down five years ago to lay the foundation. Since than, the church has grown SO much! Not only has the churches property gone from a dangerous garbage dump known to be a place for drug deals, and homicides, to an empty lot, and now a beautiful facility with most of the first floor completed, a great start on the second floor, but the people have grown too! Many of the children and youth have matured into spiritual leaders in the church, their beginning to see significant fruit from the relationship they’ve spent years developing  with the community around them, and their number is increasing weekly. In fact, the number of people attending the church seven years ago was around fifty, to seventy-five on a good Sunday, and now they average two-hundred, or more every week! Praise God for His work through the ministry of the local church in Tegucigalpa!
The church site in 2008 after being cleaned up...
and the church site presently in 2013!
The church site after being cleaned up in 2008…                                                                  …and the church site as of January 2013!
We then returned home where Mariza (one of my Honduran Mamas, and Rex and Christines housekeeper) had arroz con pollo prepared for our lunch. It was pretty tasty after I added plenty of HOT SAUCE : ) ! For dessert we had fruit salad; the fruit here is just as good as I remembered too. Then I visited with Mariza while we cleaned up.
Terri, Ellen, and I had some time for prayer, and sharing/reviewing our messages for Saturday. It was good. In the late afternoon we picked Eduardo and his son up from the church to take them home to Rynel (another neighborhood in Teguc.), and headed up to visit another Honduran Pastor, and his wife who have been close friends of our for years. They are going through a really rough time, and were extremely encouraged by our visit, and gifts.
The wife’s name is, Rumi, and she has diabetes really bad. In fact, she has recently was faced with the strong likelihood of death right before Christmas, and has been struggling with kidney failure ever since. Her weekly injections she needs cost more than they have, and she simple cannot get them. Her husband, a wonderful friend of ours, Isaac, works at Mision Caribe, and it one of the most faithful servants of Jesus I’ve ever met. He is suffering from a motorcycle accident from last December. A very bad cut on his leg that had to have stitches, and then turned to cellulitis. He had antibiotics, but completed them and didn’t have the money to go back to doctor for more. It is getting worse, as he cannot rest, and is required to go to work everyday. While riding the bus to work, he cannot bend his leg to sit on the seats. Praise the Lord that the gifts from a former team member, and the Hay family (Terri’s family), we were able to bless them with funds to get their meds. The spirit in that family, and the gratitude they have for God is wonderful, and melted our hearts!
Time flew, and before we knew it, it was time to head down to Pastor Eduardo and Leita’s house for dinner. Leita (Eduardos sweet wife) prepared a traditional Honduran supper for us; complete with homemade tortillas. It was a delicious challenge to finish it all!
After visiting a bit, we headed to my third prayer meeting of the week. However, this was the one I was most looking forward to because it’s the prayer meeting I attended once a week when I lived here. It was so nice to see familiar faces. There was even a little girl who had been born while I was here last time there! She was so cute…and grown up! The prayer meeting was encouraging, however, I was in for a BIG surprise when they asked me to share my devotional for a third time…but I had no idea I was supposed to be prepared to share it again. In addition, I had forgotten my Bible at the Morey’s house, so I had to read from Christine’s Spanish Bible. It was a slow moving devotional, but God was faithful!
I found out after sharing that Eduardo is preaching a similar themed message on Sunday at church. He expounded on my devotional (as a true preacher would), and expressed that he was greatly encouraged because this is what God has been leading him to share with the people too! There was also a young woman, Daisy, who lead the evening that expressed how God was really challenging her to “put Him first” in all things recently. She is a single woman, who’s daughter has some severe medical issues due to complications when she was delivered, and now Daisy also has cancer. She’s afraid that her daughter will become an orphan, and has been challenged in the area of putting her trust God in the areas of health, family, provision, etc. I was touched by both her and her daughter. Please be praying for them.
I could tell so many stories of all that God is doing here in Teguc…there just isn’t enough time in the day! Until “Part 4” of the journey, may God continue to reveal Himself to you this day!

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