Honduras Part Six: “Something Old, Something New…”

I apologize for the delay in my posts…yesterday was busy one! Mr. E and I also celebrated our 5 month anniversary : ).We celebrated by meeting up with Lois, a new friend of ours from church, for “supper & sharing ” at our favorite local Thai food spot. It was super yummy!

Afterwards we headed over to Faith Church to support the “Kidz of Faith” (the children’s ministry at our church) in their original production of, Daughter of the King: A Cinderella Story. There were over 100 kiddos involved, many youth staff, and numerous adults too!  They all did a fantastic job! We were amazed by the talent, teamwork, and how the gospel message was weaved all throughout the musical. Not to mention, how adorable it was to see all of the little “princesses” and “princes” sing praises to our Lord and King! Needless to say, we really enjoyed ourselves!

Speaking of “royalty” coming together to worship their King, I believe I should pick up where we left off in Tegucigalpa…Honduras Part 6…

Sunday morning,we were blessed to attend church service at Esperanza Vida (Living Hope). When our last team was there 5 years ago, we were cleaning up an empty lot….now through God’s might and power they have a beautiful building! The first floor is complete and second floor is almost complete. In the future they also plan to build a third floor for recreation, soccor and basketball courts. Being able to accomodate the youth with an area to play and fellowship is important. There just isn’t a place for these kids to go to and hang out safely. To be able to offer a place for them, free of charge, will be a great ministry to the community of Predeos (the neighborhood where the church is located).

It was encouraging to see many of the ladies wearing their bracelets from the day before to church. I hope they will always remember how much we love each one of those special ladies when they look at them.

Pastor Eduardo Worshipping

Pastor Eduardo Worshipping the Lord.

Pastor Eduardo gave a wonderful sermon; despite his wife, Leita, being in the hospital with abdominal pain and an unknown diagnosis at that time. We had been studing all week from the devotional God had given me to share about the disciples leaving all behind and following Jesus. After church, Eduardo shared with me that he didn’t know how much he would have to live this example out as his wife was in the hospital. Due to hospital restrictions, he was unable to see her, and came to church to pray with the rest of his family, and share a message of hope, and life with the people there.

Public hospitals are very different in Honduras. Due to the increase crime, and thieves posing as clergy, and entering the hospital and then stealing drugs, there is little, to no visitation allowed. I am not sure of all the circumstances, but like I said, from Sunday morning when Leita was taken into surgery for an appendectomy until Tuesday morning, no family member was able to see her. Not even her husband! They did not know if she was ok, or needed anything and could not go pray with her or comfort her. This was quite grievous to us. We prayed, and tried to do what we could to support her family.

Playing Marbles with Karen's niece.

Playing Marbles with Karen’s niece.

After church, the three of us (Terri, Ellen, and I) split off. I was invited to go over to my friend, Karen’s home for lunch, and an afternoon visit with her family. Karen had a deacons/leadership meeting to attend with Rex (one of the pastors) after church, so I walked home with her sister. Once we reached their home, I was warmly greeted by my old friends. While I’ve lost some of my Espanol-speaking skills, I can understand them quite well. Both in preparation for, and during the meal we spent a lot of our time smiling at each other, not knowing what, or how to communicate with one another. However, there comes a time when I just can’t stand the silence! Ha, ha. For those of you who know me, I’m a chatty one…and this doesn’t change with the language being spoken. After lunch the women began to work in the Poporia (the general store in the front of their home), and that left me inside with Karen’s dad, and niece. So  I decided to just throw my pride and insecurities out the window, and give it my best shot! Karen’s dad and I had a lovely conversation about the mornings sermon, books, television programs, history, the Holy Spirit, the church etc. It was nice to connect with him again. I also had some time to play games with Karen’s niece. It turned out to be an enjoyable time!

Karen's Family's Poporia

Karen’s Family’s Poporia.

Three hours after my arrival, Karen finally came walking in the door. I was excited to see her. We headed up to her room, and caught up on all that has happened in the past number of years. She told me about her kinder class, her studies at the university, friends, life, and current relationship with the Lord. I was able to share our wedding DVD with her, and her family. It was a blessing to be able to tell them about our relationship, wedding, and marriage since they were unable to meet Mr. E himself. I was also able to explain to them the purpose for our “foot washing ceremony” in our wedding.

Our Wedding

Our Wedding.

Karen’s parents were very interested, and it was encouraging to share God’s purpose for marriage with Karen, and the other girls. Truly, I believe God used the DVD to generate conversation, and open up the hearts of the young women in the room. After Karen’s parents went back downstairs, we stayed upstairs and were able to have a “heart-to-heart” and pray together. This was one of the unexpected highlights of my trip!

A Honduran Style Wedding Toast: Karen and her family  heard Terri had made "Banana Cake" for our wedding, and wanted to celebrate with Mr. E and I by toasting to our marriage. Ha, ha.

A Honduran Style Wedding Toast: Karen and her family heard Terri had made “Banana Cake” for our wedding, and wanted to celebrate with Mr. E and I by toasting to our marriage. Ha, ha.


Sunday afternoon reminded me that sometimes the unexpected daily interactions are the things God wishes to use mightily for His glory! We just need to be open, willing, and obedient. My hope is to apply this truth to my everyday life here in Washington.

Karen and her family showed me such hospitality, love, and sincere friendship. I will be forever grateful for them!

Today I encourage you to remember that the Church, no matter where you go, is filled with the “Sons and Daughters of the King,” and together we are the “Bride of Christ!” Grace and Peace to you.


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