Good morning, “good” morning….to you!


Mr. E and I have been “trying” to go to bed a bit earlier, and wake up earlier the past number of days. While consistency has proven to be a challenge, when we do follow our “earlier-riser schedule” it is really helpful for us both. Mornings provide a time for us to shift our perspectives, and gather our thoughts before the day fully begins. It is a time for prayer, walks, breakfast, a cup of tea, Scripture, and reflection. Our hope is to make it a more regular habit in the Elzinga home.

However, I’d have to say the new “habit” requires a bit of a “wake me up.” And since we’re not coffee drinkers around here, a morning cup of black tea is in order. My current tea of choice? The London Fog! There’s truly no better way to start the morning that a nice foamy mug of tea.

Ah, London Fog Tea. Here’s the recipe:
1 Earl Grey tea bag, brewed in hot boiling water.
1 teaspoon raw sugar
a bit of milk steamed milk (made even easier w/ the new handy-dandy little handheld “milk foamer” Mr. E purchased for me from Ikea” for $3)
a few drops of real vanilla extract (preferably the kind made with love by my dear sister-in-law, Mrs. Naomi Sullivan or the kind purchased in Honduras)



One thought on “Good morning, “good” morning….to you!

  1. That’s what we’re trying to do these days too! It’s so nice to have a relaxing morning together before a crazy day! Jet lag has helped us a lot and we have been waking up WAY early….(-: prob won’t last forever tho….

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