A Grey Wednesday: The Before & After Bath

As usual, I apologize for the delay in my posting. Things rarely slow down around here. However, we are enjoying our sabbath day here on the “cuddle couch,” and are preparing to head off to small group here shortly. On Wednesday we spent the majority of our “day off” in the bathroom. T.M.I.? Well, it’s not what you may be thinking…we decided to paint. Nesting into our little cottage here on the lake has been a process, but we’re getting there! While there are a few small projects we still hope to tackle in our master-guest bath/laundry room (ha, ha), we’re pretty pleased with how it’s coming along. Here are a few snapshots of the “Before” and ever-progressing “After.” The paint is called “Light Antique Grey” by Behr; once we got it on the walls it looks a little more on the blue side than we originally planned.



2013-02-20 11.03.06

2013-02-20 11.02.57


2013-02-22 13.17.22 2013-02-22 13.14.29

Oh, and just in case you’re concerned that we’re “all work and no play” up here at Adelphia, here’s a recent vid of Mr. E and I enjoying one of the many amenities of living at a camp…


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