Monday’s Mosaic


Today was our first official day of Spring Break. Spring Break comes early at Adelphia, but we were certainly ready for it! Mr. E and I had the privilege to visit Sra. Pena’s Junior High Spanish classes this morning. Our friend from church, Lois Pena, asked me to come and teach a lesson on the culture of Honduras. Although I was a tad nervous because a public school classroom  was a new context for me to share about Honduras, with Mr. E’s help, it ended up being quite an enjoyable experience! The students were engaged, and had plenty of good questions to ask. I think they especially enjoyed getting a “taste” of Central America. You see, Mr. E, Lois, and I visited an authentic Salvadorian Bakery for lunch after church on Sunday. While there we picked up some freshly made corn tortillas to share with the students. Along with the tortillas we supplied them with an opportunity to sip on some Fanta the Honduran way…in a plastic bag . It was FUN!

Here’s a little video clip from class:


Mr. E also had the opportunity to share some of his cultural knowledge, and experiences in Lois’ technology class. By the way, my husband is an excellent communicator! I am so proud of him, and look forward to seeing how God continues to develop, and use this beautiful gift He’s given him. My husband’s BLESSING!


After class Lois gave us a little tour of the school. It was a beautiful day in Washington today. In fact it was one of the  sunniest days we’ve had in quite some time!  It was so clear that the playground at the school offered us a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier. It was AWESOME!


Classes went clear up until lunchtime…so we decided to take advantage of the sunny day by  making our “packed lunch” a pic-nic. After making a “pit-stop” at a thrift store I spotted on our way to school this morning,  we ventured down to a nearby park called, Lake Meridian. We found a little  bench looking out over the glistening lake, and leisurely enjoyed our meal together. It was WONDERFUL!


After lunch, we took some time to stroll through the park. I especially enjoyed watching the ducks, and all the little ones playing out on the playground with their parents. It was a JOY!


On our way home we made one of our favorite stops for “thrifty” entertainment, our public library. And boy did we hit the jackpot! Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, the Help, Anne of Green Gables, a doc about Ping Pong, a BBC comedy, and…wait for it…Dunston Checks In! AJ was so excited about the final pick, and we’re going to enjoy that one ASAP; probably over a bowl of raw banana ice cream (because it’s fitting for a movie about a monkey, and it requires no processed sugar). Monday’s at the library are SWEET!


Here’s one of my thrift shop finds of the day:


Little, by little, our bedroom is coming along. And I think Baby Owl is a great addition to our nest! He’s a HOOT!


Well, Monday cannot be described in a single word… it was a “mosaic of words!” Monday was: FUN, A BLESSING, AWESOME, WONDERFUL, A JOY, SWEET, and certainly a HOOT! T.G.I.M.



2 thoughts on “Monday’s Mosaic

  1. You two are so fun!! What a lovely start to your spring break! Aj, you are an AMAZING communicator and I love to hear you speak to groups! You are also a little bit of an oddball in your movie loves, but that is Ok (-;
    Sabrina, your room looks awesome!! I love owls! Can’t wait to see the whole place when we come up!

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