Weekend In Winchester



Well Mr. E and I are back into the swing of things here at Adelphia…and it’s as busy as ever! This term is sure to be filled with lots of opportunities to continue to love, learn, and grow as we tackle the daily tasks, and responsibilities of  serving those God’s placed in our care, on top of stepping into the 2nd year/R.A. application and interview process, and prep to lead one of our upcoming Spring missions trips.

We had a wonderful time celebrating our 6 month marriage anniversary in Winchester Bay, OR this past weekend. It was very restful. The combo of sunshine, blue skies, and each other made for a great time! A big, “thank you” to our friends, the Hardy Family, for your special 6 months gift. And “thank you” to Jim and Voni Healy of Salmon Harbor Oasis for allowing us to stay on your boat. We appreciated their hospitality, generosity, godly wisdom, and friendship. If you know of someone on the mission field, or in vocational ministry who could use some care, Mr. E and I encourage you to check out: http://www.lifeimpactministries.net/. Life Impact has been raised up as a Caregiving Team to provide places for Missionaries and Pastors to come to for rest, retreat, and processing of the more normal issues they face.


Collage 2

On our way back up to Washington, we made a surprise stop in Portland. It blessing to spend a little time catching up with family, and old friends. Our bro and sis, Andrew and Naomi Sullivan, recently returned from Africa. We really enjoyed hearing how God is working in, and through their lives. As they continue to take steps of faith, it’s going to be fun to see how God’s plan for their lives, and marriage unfold! We were also able to spend some special time with Dad and Mom Elzinga, Mat, and Steve on Saturday evening. Even though it was brief, it was nice to have everyone in one place! On Sunday Mr. E and I spent some more time with the Sullivans, before heading over to our friends, Levi and Christy Martin’s house for lunch. I lived with the Martin’s the summer we started dating. Since then, they’ve had a little one, Ransom. It was a joy getting to see them interact, and love on their son! They’re wonderful parents. Overall, it was an encouraging afternoon visit. Afterwards, we decided to continue the surprise visits by stopping by our buddy, Ben’s house. He’s an encouraging brother, and we always enjoy our time with him! Our final stop was the evening church service at my old church home, Door of Hope. Once again, it was encouraging to see old friends. God seems to be doing a lot of neat things in the lives of the believers in this church. Before hitting I-5 we quietly stopped by the MU campus to give Jenn a, “hello” and a hug. She’s such a great friend, and we miss her quite a bit!

All in all, it was nice to spend some time in our “old stomping grounds.” At the end of the day, we sure do miss our family and friends in Portland…but we were ready to return to our new home in Washington. While transition is challenging at times, we are thankful to be exactly where God wants us. And this, brings our hearts great contentment.


Mrs. E


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