Johnson Family Reunion in Depoe Bay


After a LONG week of 2nd year & R.A. interviews we took Friday off and headed down to Depoe Bay, OR for the annual “Johnson Family Reunion.” After picking up Papa Frank & Gram Johnson, we met up with Dad & Mom Johnson, Naters, Kat, Ty, Rachel & Millie.Unfortunately Uncle Jay wasn’t able to join us this year…we missed him. But Uncle Tom stopped in later into the weekend for a night. It was so nice to catch up with family. Mr. E & I have been blessed with wonderful, supportive families.



DepoeFishingBoat DepoeFish

On Saturday we ventured into Depoe Bay for a whale watching, saltwater taffy-eating, fish-fillet observing good time with Kat and her boyfriend, Tyler. It was fun to see these two. They’re a generous duo, and so much fun to be around!


It was also neat to spend some time with our little cousin, Millie. She’s nearly 2, and getting so talkative. We don’t get to see her too often, so it was nice to create some memories with her. Mr. E and I agreed, that Millie has to be one of the most pleasant little ones we’ve ever been around. She is full of grins, giggles and delight! The wonder and curiosity of a child is a joy to experience!


On Sunday after church we headed South to Newport for some crabbing. Kat love to crab, and had bought a crab pot. While it was fun to be with the fam, and “people watch,” I have to be honest…after a couple of hours, I got a little bored. So Mr. E and I headed back with Rachel and Millie.





I also failed to mention I had my heart set on an ice cream cone, and sunset. When we returned, Mr. E and I took some time to ourselves, and took a walk into Depoe Bay. We found the last ice cream shop open in town, and sat down to enjoy the sunset over our sweet treat! It was a good ending to a great day!


Once again, we are so blessed to have such a supportive and loving family. Our hope is to one day carry on this legacy in a way that truly honors our Lord!


The next time we’ll see the Johnson fam will be for Nater’s high school graduation in June. While that seems like quite a bit of time away, I know it will fly by quickly! We are so proud of Nate, and the man of God he is, and is continuing to become. We consider it an honor to be able to celebrate his graduation with him soon!


At the end of the day, it’s exciting to think that we are just beginning our lives together….and we have an awesome opportunity to begin to adopt some of the beautiful values and traditions we come from, as we also create and form our own family values and traditions. May God lead us, and be our source of wisdom in this task.


Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. E

P.S. Upon returning home, we found a little “love” from our students.

This is what we left…


…and this is what we came home too!


Thanks, for the rainbows, and sunshine, Adelphia!


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