A Sunny Easter Sunday

He has Risen!


We had a lovely Easter here at the Elzinga cottage. Easter has always been a special celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, but last year it became special for another reason…last year on Easter (April 8th 2012), Mr. E and I got engaged! We spent some time thanking God for both Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and for where He’s brought us thus far!

Celebrating our Risen Savior with our new church family at Faith was a special time. After church returned to Lake Meridian Park for nice stroll in the sunshine before heading over to Papa John’s to pick up the pizzas we had ordered for the students on campus. We wanted to make it special for them so we picked up some ice cream bars and enjoyed a number of rounds of “carpet ball.” It was fun!

The rest the day was very enjoyable. Like I mentioned, it was a lovely sun-shiny day, so we decided to take full advantage of the springtime weather by doing a little yard work. It was a good and productive excuse spend the day outside.

Here are a handful of photos of our days work. I have decided to not share the “before” photos because, let’s be honest, our yard looked kind of like an artistic graveyard of rocks and dead plants. Ha, ha. Hopefully we’ll have some colorful snapshots in the coming weeks as things begin to bloom!






We even brought a little spring inside…



Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

Mrs. E


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