Good Eats: Maximus Minimus


After a long days work sometimes you just need to “kick back and relax.” One way Mr. E and I do this is by watching random docs and television programs. Recently, we’ve really been into this TLC show called, “Best Food Ever.” Last weekend we watched an episode on the best food carts/trucks in America. Come to find out the programs 2nd best food truck was located in Seattle, WA. So when Mr. E and I headed into the city to purchase Mariners tickets for Adelphia this past Wednesday we decided to make a “date of it” by hitting up “Maximus Minimus.”


M.M. is a food truck shaped like a giant rock and roll pig! They specialize in pulled pork sandwiches that hinge on the idea of one flavor profile being Maximus (savory and spicy!) and the other being Minimus (tangy and sweet).


If you want something to sip on they also feature two tasty Maximus and Minimus beverages on their menu: Ginger Lemonade and Hibiscus Nectar. We didn’t go “hog wild” this time…we chose to split a Minimus sandwich with Maximus slaw and shared a Ginger Lemonade.


For someone who typically stays away from pork, I’d have to say I actually enjoyed our lunch quite a bit! Everything was super fresh and tasty! The flavors of cilantro, tange and ginger certainly hit the spot!


Mr. E and I definitely plan to return to this little Seattle treasure. We hope to try their other menu items soon!


After lunch, we retreated from the hustle and bustle of downtown by heading over to Alki Beach for a nice long stroll by the Puget Sound.


It was a lovely way to spend our date day off! While we love what we do at Adelphia, it’s always nice to get off campus with my Love!



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