Swimming Upstream


One fish, two fish…

I’ll risk of sounding like a “broken record,” and apologize for my lack of recent posts. However, I think it may bit more justified this week. So without further delay, let me catch you up on our past week.


We spent our first day in the 2’s & 3’s class at church. It was great fun! I think Mr. E and I are really going to enjoy ministering to these littles. Second service was encouraging, and we had a nice lunch back in the cafeteria with our students. The afternoon was quite enjoyable, as we prepared for  the arrival of Mom and Dad Elzinga and the coming week.  However, Sunday night was anything but enjoyable. It started out right, as we drove into town to meet up with Mom and Dad at a local Indian restaurant for an early celebration of Mr. E’s birthday. We were excited to catch up with Mom and Dad and fill our tummies with tandoori and naan. However, our initial excitement dissipated a few minutes into the meal because I had accidentally gotten a hold of and consumed a piece of fish off the buffet line. This fish dish had been mislabeled as “chicken” and in the dark restaurant, I had failed to notice until it was too late! Fast forwarding a few hours later….after taking two Benadryl, I was lying down in bed flushing my system with glass after glass of water when I began having intense intestinal pains and half of my face/neck started swelling up like the Elephant Man. After talking with Mr. E and a little search on WebMD, I was finally convinced I needed to go to the E.R. A pricey bill and few hours later (1AM) I was back in my our bed, pumped full of meds and had a prescriptions for steroids and an Epi pen. What an adventure!

Yep, that basically sums it up!

Yep, that basically sums it up!


We rose early (6:45AM) because we were scheduled to begin our lifeguarding class at the local pool. Even though I had a doctors note, I knew we didn’t have time to reschedule our class and there would be no reimbursement if we failed to show up. So with slight swelling in my face, we were off to the pool. Our guarding class was no “cake walk” either…we had a number of challenging pre course swimming tests we had to pass in order to even begin! Not to mention, the majority of our classmates were on high school swim team. Alas, we gave it our best shot! Poor Mr. E had been up with me all night…he’s such a stud!

We may be considered guppies, but after a few hours in the pool, we were given the “green light” to began the lifeguard certification process. Little did we know, the fun had just begun…it was going to be a long week!

Thank you for the tulips Mom and Dad Elzinga!

Thank you for the tulips Mom and Dad Elzinga!

After class, we returned home and spent some quality time with Mom and Dad Elzinga.  By far, this was the highlight of our day! They were so thoughtful, and even brought us a pretty bouquet of tulips! We enjoyed a fish-free meal in the cafeteria, has “tea time” back at the cottage and played a few rounds of speed Scrabble. It was really enjoyable! Once again, Mr. E and I are so thankful to have such loving and supportive families.


Another early morning. Lifeguarding class day two proved to be even more challenging, but we learned a lot! After returning home for a quick shower, we met up with the Adelphia staff to pray for our guest speaker for the week. Mr. E and I opted to catch up on a few administrative duties in the office during speaker intros. Afterwards we joined our students for an outreach event in our community.


Mr. E turned 23! We celebrated by going to the pool….AGAIN 🙂 ! Ha, ha, and afterwards we took the evening off for a little R&R. I gave Mr. E some new shades and made a cute little card and a special birthday supper fit for a King!

Beef. It's what's for dinner.

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.

We broke out our grill for the first time and made Carne Asada. For dessert we had what we’re calling  “Bananas Elzinga” (our spin on the traditional bananas foster). We caught up on a little Blue Bloods, and Mr. E spent some time returning/answering phone calls from loved ones! He was very blessed and encouraged by everyone’s thoughtfulness!

Bananas Elzinga: sometimes the sweetest things in life aren't pretty!

Bananas Elzinga: sometimes the sweetest things in life aren’t pretty!

Happy Birthday to one of the most godly, wise, kind, encouraging, handsome, silly, lovable men I know! Andrew (AJ) Elzinga I could go on, and on…I am continually blessed to be on this journey of life with you! Love you, Sweetheart! Happy 23rd!

A happy birthday MAN!

A happy birthday MAN!


Lifeguarding class, meetings and more meetings…

Sweet baby Levi and his mama!

Sweet baby Levi and his mama!

But one highlight for the day, one of my dearest friends, Sarah, had another baby boy! I’m so proud of her! She’s a wonderful mama! Congratulations Andrew & Sarah Drey (and family)! Welcome to the world little Levi! You’re one blessed little dude! I look forward to meeting you one day!

What a miracle!

What a miracle!


Mr. E and I  became official Red Cross certified Lifeguards! There’s really nothing left to say…that’s the highlight of our Friday! Oh, and we never have to get up at dawn to jump into the pool again. Yay!


We took some time to rest and sketch for Nate’s album cover. Mr. E also gifted me a new sketch pad and pens for completing our lifeguarding class. Thanks, Love!


We attended a church service where one of our students was baptized! Had a deliciously unhealthy lunch at COSTCO, picked up a couple of traveling  backpacks for Bithlo from Andrew and Naomi (thanks again, for letting us borrow those guys!) and made a visit to one of our favorite local spots, the public Library. Afterwards, we returned home and watched one of our Library finds. It was really good! Then we went to small group. It was really nice to see everyone, it had been a long time.

So that’s our week in a nutshell! Ha, ha…that’s kind of ironic that I said that because I’m allergic to those too ; ) . I hope you all are having an enjoyable week thus far! Look forward to a post about our upcoming Bithlo, FL missions trip in the coming days.

Until tomorrow, or the next day,

Mrs. E


One thought on “Swimming Upstream

  1. Love You Both! So sorry about the fish accident! Now AJ and Mr. and Mrs. Elzinga are officially aware of what I meant all of these years about the fact that we didn’t even cook it in our kitchen (fish I mean) so sorry it had to happen on such a special dinner that you had planned to celebrate! Praise the Lord for good Dr’s.
    Kinda hard for me as this is your first major attack without us present with you other than the occasional nut or berry! Love you very much

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