We’re Back!

Mr. E and me on an airboat ride in FL.

Mr. E and me on an airboat ride in FL.

With everything that has happened between my last post, I’ve been both excited and dreading “hopping back on the blogging wagon again.” I’m excited to share with you everything that God has been doing, but dreading this post because I don’t even know where, or how to begin. So here goes…

We arrived home from Bithlo, FL last Wednesday evening. After catching up on some sleep, the very next morning we headed into debrief and preparations for Adelphia’s graduation banquet. Thursday evening we had a lovely time celebrating our Adelphia students at their graduation banquet. It was a really encouraging and joy-filled night (blog post coming soon) . Friday a.m.  we met up with our fellow Adelphia staff and members of the board for a six-hour vision meeting that lasted into the afternoon. It was a long, but overall productive gathering. We’re excited to see all that God has done in and through Adelphia Bible School. And it’s equally exciting to see where He’ll take Adelphia next!

Friday night and Saturday was a time to “catch up on things” and fill loved ones in on our trip. We also spent plenty of time enjoying a little R&R. Mr. E even took me out on a “hot date” to celebrate paying off a big chunk of our student loans (blog post coming soon). Sunday we served in the 2’s and 3’s, worshiped with our Faith family and enjoyed the sunny afternoon together before small group. Today was our first day of “summer staff training.” It looks like we’re going to be working with a pretty fun bunch!

Now that we’re all caught up, I want to take a moment to rewind back to our mission trip to Bithlo…..

First off, we want to thank those of you who choose to partner with us in prayer. Your prayers were certainly heard and God answered them in some pretty cool ways! As promised, I will be posting day by day blogs recounting and sharing all the things God has done in and through our team. We had a wonderful trip!

Look forward to a detailed recap of our travels and first day on the ground in Bithlo tomorrow morning.

Sweet dreams!

Mrs. E


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