Bithlo Part 3: Guest Post By Miss. Niki Martin


“We got to have meals with all the kids and more one on one time. We also had the chance to get to learn bits and pieces of their stories. I stepped out of my comfort zone a few times, and learned why I am here and I am here to love, to serve and to build relationships. The kids slowly started changing my life and letting me be grateful for what I have back home. I learned that I need to be content with life and love where I am at currently back home.




We also got to do crafts with all the kids and it was sooooo fun! Art was never one of my strong attributes, my it is the creativity that counted. I led a cloud and raindrop craft, it would be a reminder to the kids of us. Since in Seattle it always rains.




No matter what the craft was, each age group loved it and were so happy to be able to display in the school hallway.




We also got to do more tutoring, and that is when one on one time really started…


 That was a time we really got to know the kids and I loved it! By this day, I already had about 8 new friends and the kids became glued to me, that showed that they someghing in me and wanted to be a part of my life. God really began work this day for me and it made me look forward to what the rest of the trip had in store.”

Niki Martin (Adelphia First Year Student)

Niki Martin (Adelphia Bible School Student)



Some of the guys were able to join us for little bits and pieces of craft time. However, most of them joined another team from a church in South Carolina to work on building that’s a part of the “Transformation Village” I mentioned in my first post about Bithlo. “Transformation Village” is an effort towards meeting the some of most pressing needs of the community of Bithlo (education, laundry, arts, etc.). Basically it’s a community center.


This particular building/warehouse the men were working on also doubled as the their sleeping quarters for the week. This building will soon be a performing arts center for the community. Staging has been donated by Disney and many others have even made donations towards a commercial kitchen that will also be a part of the facility.


Tim from U.G.O. has done, and continues to do an excellent job getting as many people involved in these projects as possible by building relationships with those God beings his way. Most (if not all) the labor and resources to build this village have been donated by various people. However, he’s still trusting God for more and Bithlo still needs help. If you’d like to find out more about how you can help please let me know!


Mrs. E



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