Two Cups of Tea


2 Josh Garrels Albums

+1 Thirty Minute “Get-to -Know-You” With A Blogger Named, “Clarita”

+ 2 Chapters of  A.W. Tozer (for work…I love working at Adelphia!)

+ 1 Delicious Homemade Brownie

+ 2 Cups of Hot Peppermint Tea (okay maybe three…it’s better three cups of tea than three brownies right?!?)

= A Delightfully Peaceful and Quiet Evening in the Elzinga Cottage


Mr. E ventured out into the damp & dreary Seattle weather we’re having here at Lake Retreat. He’s been joining a new friend from church and some of his buddies for a men’s bible study on Tuesday evenings. While I miss him, I’m so glad God is providing us both with opportunities to make new friends and share in fellowship with other men (or in my case, women) in our new community. I also had a special coffee date with a new friend a couple of days ago. Friendship is a true gift from God!

However, there’s also something sweet about being able to have a quiet moment alone to relax, reflect and rest. With Mr. E out this evening I’ve had just that, and it’s been nice. Since most of my recent blog posts have been about our Bithlo trip, I thought about writing a LONG blog post catching all of you readers (a.k.a. friends and fam) on what we’ve been up to since we returned (about a month ago). Unfortunately, that’ll have to wait because I’m honestly enjoying this hot cup of tea and book sitting here in front of me.

But I don’t want to leave you hanging so I’ll share this lovely little blog I ran across earlier this evening:


I’d highly encourage you to check it out. It’s a blog written by a women named Clarita. She is a wife, mother of three and Jesus-follower. I found her thoughts and insights on life, faith and family quite refreshing (not to mention, ladies, she has a classy modest style I’d love to someday imitate).

In other news, today was our first day on duty as lifeguards. While it was somewhat chilly and challenging, it was also very good to “get our feet wet” (of course the puns intended…it’s me!). Today went pretty well. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. We’re working with a great crew, so I’m sure it will be fine! If you think about it, please pray for us in this new venture. Now we’re “guarding lives” in every sense of the word…both as deans at Adelphia Bible School and now as real lifeguards at Lake Retreat (ha,ha).

Hope each of you are having a lovely evening.

Grace and Peace,

Mrs. E

COMING SOON:  A final “Bithlo Update” from guest blogger, Mr. E.


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