The (Weekly) Daybook


I know, I know. “What in the world happened to me this summer?” Let’s just say it’s been a busier summer than expected, and at the end of a busy day/week/month some things had to go…blogging was one of them. But I’m back! And this time it will (hopefully) be on a more regular basis (at least weekly) because Mr. E and I have decided to close our FB accounts (more on that later). Anyways, I plan to catch you up on our busy life this past season in a “Summer in Review” post this weekend. However, today I will remain present. You see, I have seen this Daybook idea around on different blogs and have been wanting to try it all summer! I love this little format, but this is my first attempt…so bear with me today. We’ll just say it’s my little attempt to get back into the “swing of things” when it comes to blogging. So here it is…

Outside our window …

Summer is fading into one of the most lovely autumn days. The sky is clear and blue, the sun is shining, and a cool breeze is drifting over our sparkling little lake as it rustles the branches of  both evergreens and those wonderful trees that are beginning to blush and glow in an array of autumn hues. Campers and guest groups have gone home for the season, and there is a still hush as we prepare for another school year at Adelphia. The “hustle and bustle” is certainly on the horizon and soon we’ll welcoming a beautiful crop of both incoming and returning students to their new home for the school year. But for now, like the trees rustling in the breeze, we wave goodbye to summer and welcome in Autumn as she wraps us up in her warm embrace. I love everything about this season! The colors, the smells, the tastes…everything! Hot cups of tea, warm, cozy sweaters, the crisp autumn air, strolls through the leaves….God is an artist, and His canvas is breathtaking today…right outside our very own window!

 We’re listening…

to lots of Jazz, Shane and Shane and Vicky Beeching these days. Yesterday we added some bluegrass and some Disney song covers to our repertoire. It was quite fun! (Dad, do you remember when we use to play “Sing that Disney Tune?” Good times. Good times.)

We’re going…

Actually we’re “staying” (home that is) as much as possible these days. However, we are going with our creative co-worker neighbor, and friend, Hilary, to take some “lovey-dovey” couple photos around the lake tomorrow morning. Watch our blog and your mailbox, “1st Anniversary Photo Shoot” post and Christmas cards coming soon…I’m sure! (We’re also going to the dermatologist tomorrow afternoon…but that seemed kinda “dull” to share. My eczema isn’t as excited to welcome in the new season as I am. Dry, itchy skin is the one downside to Autumn for me.)

We’re reading…

Isaiah (Mr. E) and Genesis (Mrs. E). AJ has been going through the prophets over the summer and I’ve recently decided to do a chronological read-through the Bible this coming year. I just read through Job and I’m back in Genesis now. It’s been good so far! In preparation for the school year Mr.E’s also reading the summer reading we assigned to our second-year DKS students,  The Pursuit of God  by Tozier. I’ve been reading a book recommended to us by our co-worker and friend, Sean. It’s called, Sensing Jesus and is written by a gentleman named Zack Eswine. We’ve read more than usual this summer, but Mr. E and I both agree the best summer read was definitely, Breaking the King Saul Syndrome by Jonathan Martin.  As far a pleasure reads go, we’ve been thinking about picking up Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea…we’ll see what happens between now and the start of the school year in a couple of weeks.

Around the house…

We just painted our living room last night…and I couldn’t be happier with it! It feels warm and homey, and is so much brighter than before (I’ll post pics of our “Living Room Makeover” soon too). Painting is not one of my favorite activities (but I LOVE the results)…however, it doesn’t even rank on Mr.E’s list of choice activities. That’s why I want to publicly thank my wonderful, loving hubby for serving me by helping me make our little house a “home.” He loves me SO much! What a guy!

SIDE NOTE: I’m really excited  to have Mom Johnson come visit and stay in our Living/Guest Room next month!

We’re thankful for…

one another, our family, friends, new church family and small group at Faith, our health, our jobs, the staff we get to work/serve alongside, the students we have the opportunity to serve and grow with, our cozy cottage, our student loans; or I should say we’re learning to be thankful for our loans. Most of all we’re thankful for a gracious God we can know, who loves us, provides for us and is always faithful to us!

In the kitchen…

As a special “thank you” for all of his painting help, I made Mr. E one of his favorites for dinner, Chili Relleno. I also just pulled some raspberry muffins out of the oven a few minutes ago. This month has been kinda “tight” in the grocery budget area because the camp kitchen where we normally eat our meals in order to save our pennies has been closed since there are very few guest groups. Needless to say, we’re pretty low on “fresh ingredients,” so I was excited to pull out the frozen raspberries Mom Elzinga and I picked fresh earlier this summer for this special breakfast treat! Oh, and I added the twenty dark chocolate chips we had left in the freezer to the last batch (it was a half of a bag…but I’ve been nibbling away at ’em the past month or so…ha, ha.). Yum!

 A picture…


Mr. E and I recently celebrated our first year of marriage (Sept. 8th). We spent two nights in a little treehouse near Mt. Rainer and enjoyed an amazing day hiking on the mountain. It was spectacular!

Mr. E and I recently celebrated our first year of marriage (Sept. 8th). We spent two nights in a little treehouse near Mt. Rainer and enjoyed an amazing day hiking on the mountain. It was spectacular!


One thought on “The (Weekly) Daybook

  1. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Elzinga
    I resepct the fact that you took yourselves off of facebook to free up time to do other great stuff. I look forward to hearing all the accounts of these here on your blog.
    Take care

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