Housewarming: Mr. and Mrs. E’s Living Room Painting Project

All the fixin's for a "good time!"

All the fixin’s for a “good time!”

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we completed a painting project we’ve been putting off for quite some time (almost a year now)….our living room. You see, Mr. E and I (mostly me) were pretty zealous about making the little cottage we were given to live in our own. One of the many little projects I wanted to tackle was painting the rooms in our home. Our bedroom was painting project numero uno…then it was the bathroom…and thanks to my sis, we pounded out painting project number three in the kitchen and dining room last December. Needless to say, we were kind of tired of painting walls at this point (especially Mr. E)! And while I desperately wanted to be finished (for those of you who know me, you know once I get started on a project it’s challenging for me to move on until it’s complete), for the sake of our sanity we both decided it would be best to wait a bit before we broke out the blue painters tape, rollers and brushes. Ha, ha. However, as we approach another busy school year, Mr. E  and I decided it would be best if we completed the living room before things become to crazy!

What a stud! I love him <3!

Patching Holes and Taping-Off Walls: “Why does the prep take SO long?”

"Will we have to prime over that green wall? I hope not. Let's do a test patch."

Assessing the Job: “Will we have to prime over that green wall? I hope not. Let’s do a test patch.”

The Lofted Ceiling: "What was once a nightmare, AJ covered like a pro! What a stud! I love that man!"

The Lofted Ceiling: “What was once a nightmare, AJ covered like a pro! What a stud! I love that man!”

"It's all coming together!"

“It’s all coming together!”

Now I know our living room didn’t look bad before. However, cold, wet, cloudy days come with the territory of living in the Seattle area and a girl’s gotta do what she can to  “warm up” her home. We felt a “splash of color” on the walls would be just the solution!





After hours and hours of rockin’ tunes, hard work, sweat and lots of caffeine….our eye-lids were heavy, our hands and feet were aching, but our living room was transformed, and it looked “G-OOO-D!” The colors we selected were “Peanut” (for the walls) and “Vanilla” (for the trim). I’m completely thrilled with the way it turned out!

After: The Entryway












A Special “Thank You” To:

– Our boss, Rob and Lake Retreat, for providing us with the paint when we moved in last year.

– The lady at the paint counter at Johnson’s Home & Garden in Maple Valley who helped me pick out the paint colors for our home.

– Catie (Adelphia DKS student) who gave of her time to help us paint the living room.

– And a BIG “thank you” to Mr. E for his hard work, patience and love.

The Furnishings:

– Picture frames (yard sales), black wooden entry table (Mom and Dad’s house), quilt (handmade by Kat and Mom Johnson) and bunting (handmade by Mom Johnson with leftover quilt pieces): Leftover decor from our wedding

– Down love seat ($60), blue hide-a-bed ($40), small brown floral pillow ($1): Goodwill (Maple Valley, WA)

– Bookshelf (FREE): Hand-me-down from Uncle Jay and Aunt Rachael

– Gray throw (Macys), white throw pillow with gray bow (Target), Coat Rack (Bed Bath & Beyond) and “Journey” sign (Dave and Laurie Alexander): Wedding gifts

– Mirror (Crafters Warehouse): Bridal shower gift from Uncle Bret and Aunt Kathy.

– Multi-colored down throw pillow (FREE): Hand-me-down from Mom Elzinga

– Coffee Table (FREE): Hand-me-down from Topher and Hilary

– 2 Turquoise Chairs (FREE), green and gold library lamp (FREE) : Camp shed

– Black baskets for mail (FREE): Our tool shed

– Black lamp (FREE): Mr. E’s from college

– Silver glass ball lamp w/ golden shade and metal cross wall art (Real Deals-Medford, OR), brown bird throw pillow & orange throw pillow (Pier One-Medford, OR), and all other decor (handmade, thrifted or family heirlooms): Mrs. E’s from living with Megs and Leslie at “901.”

HOSPITALITY & LOVE (Priceless): Given to everyone who enters our home

Warm wishes from our house to yours,

Mr. E

P.S. Did you notice we got rid of our television? Yep! We’ve opted to go without one for awhile. The fact is, we rarely watched it because we don’t have cable and own very few DVD’s. When we do watch movies and shows we typically use our laptop. The television was just taking up space, and in my opinion was an “eye-sore.” So in the spirit of “simplicity” we decided to gift it to one of our previous Adelphia students who just got married. I think it will get some good use in it’s new home. : -)


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