My Adventure

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As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen. -Winnie the Pooh

Sabrina’s Bucket List

  1. Raft the Colorado River
  2. Hike the PCT with my brother
  3. Refurbish an old VW bus and travel the U.S. (picking up odd jobs, writing, and discovering ways to love people along the way)
  4. Visit all of the National Parks
  5. Backpack through Europe
  6. Tour Israel
  7. Attend language school in Costa Rica to sharpen my Spanish and return to Honduras (perhaps permanently) to serve the people I love so dearly
  8. Paint a mural on the side of a building
  9. Write a book about my family, the people we met, and the lessons God taught us about faith, loving others, and trusting Him while owning the Mustard See Cafe
  10. Complete my Masters in Biblical Counseling

Believe it or not, this was my actual “bucket list” just a short 6 years ago. My how things have changed! While a few of the items on this list are things I may still do someday, I’ve come to accept that the majority of them I may never experience. This bucket list is a reflection of a young 23 year old woman in search of a great adventure! At the time, I just wanted to finish the undergrad studies I had started years before, and was transferring into Multnomah University. I was living in Portland and was working as a waitress in order to pay for school. At the time, I thought of MU as no more than a “stepping stone” on my way to the next great adventure. Little did I know, the adventure God was inviting me on right there in Portland. My sights were on life after graduation. The future was a mystery and I had no idea where God might be leading me next. But God had something else in mind. He was calling me to “be present” with Him. He wanted to use my “present” to do a beautiful refining work in my heart.

Recently, I’ve been seeing things pop up on social media of friends who are off on various adventures. I’ve also had several conversations with friends who are just about to embark on their grand adventures. Couples studying overseas, friends completing their doctorates, singles and young couples venturing off onto the mission field, wives/mamas touring other countries with their young families, friends traveling to beautiful places all around the world, young mamas backpacking through breathtaking terrain with their littles in tow, creative friends making music, art and writing books….the list could go on, and on. Oftentimes, it is tempting for me to compare my “mundane” to their “magnificent.” In these times, I tend to forget what a beautiful and unique journey God has called me on. Isn’t that the way it always works? When we give into the temptation to compare our lives with those around us we tend to forget the precious gifts God has given us? I have been convicted lately that all too often I fail to thank God for the calling He has placed on my life as a wife and mother. As I’ve been reflecting on this, I’ve come to realize that my adventure isn’t something I need to be waiting for. My adventure is the journey I’m on right here, right now! My adventure is Mr.E and the gift of marriage God has given us. My adventure is Gracelyn Joy and the humbling call God has given me to raise her into womanhood. My adventure is the rich community of family and friends God has given us to learn from, grow and share life with. My adventure is loving our neighbors and the local community God has sovereignly placed us in in this beautiful place we call “home.” My adventure is a call to pray for my Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world. My adventure is to encourage and support those who are venturing out to serve God overseas. My adventure is to love, serve and reach out to those who may not know Jesus yet. My adventure is to walk with Christ daily.

The future continues to be a mystery and I have no idea where God might be leading our family next. But I know God is calling me to “be present” with Him. He still desires to use my “present” to do a beautiful refining work in my heart. This is the grand adventure, friends!

Enjoy the ride!

Mrs. E

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

Psalm 16:11





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